What is a Bladder Diary?

A bladder diary is a 24 hour recording of your liquid intake and urine output. The information recorded can be helpful to your healthcare provider to understand your fluid balance, urinary frequency, functional bladder capacity (how much your bladder holds in your own environment), and many other aspects important to bladder function.

When is a Bladder Diary Used?

Your healthcare provider may request that you complete a diary to evaluate urinary frequency, urgency or incontinence. You may also choose to complete a diary before you see the healthcare provider about a bladder problem. A bladder diary can point to any dietary or behavioral factors that may be contributing to your bladder symptoms.

How to Complete the Bladder Diary

1. Begin and end the diary at the same times each day (example: begin when you wake (6 am) and end (6 am the following day).

2. Record the fluid intake to the nearest ounce. A very reasonable estimation (8 oz. cup of juice, 12 oz. coke, or 20 oz. water) is appropriate. You do not need to physically measure every fluid if you know the size of the bottle, can or cup from which you are drinking.

3. Measure urine output with either a scaled collection device that is placed beneath your toilet seat (sometimes these are obtained at your doctor’s office) or by urinating into a large disposable cup that you know the volume of. Both a collection device and a cup can be rinsed in the tub or sink after use and kept next to the toilet until the diary is complete.

4. It is requested that you collect 3 days of information; however, they do not need to be consecutive days. A one day diary may not be representative of your bladder condition which is why a 3 day diary is favored.

5. Be as accurate as possible! The diaries are most useful when every intake and output in the 24 hour period is recorded.

Other Helpful Hints:
1. You may print as many pages of the diary as necessary to complete the 3 days of recording.

2. Don’t forget to bring your completed diaries back to the doctor’s office at your return visit.

Download a Bladder Diary
Download a Bladder Diary Example

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