Who Should I Talk To?

You may find helpful information from your primary care provider, your gynecologist, your urologist, or friends. As you know from reading this website, pelvic floor conditions are very common, so chances are very good that many of your friends have experience with them too. When seeing your primary care provider, you may have to bring the topic up yourself since pelvic floor conditions are not often addressed in a typical visit. If the primary care provider can’t help, ask for a referral to a Female Pelvic Medicine/ Reconstructive Surgery specialist. Research information on the Internet, but be aware that not all the information you may uncover is accurate or unbiased.

What Should I Ask?

In your first visit to the doctor about pelvic floor symptoms you will be asked lots of questions. You will undergo a physical exam that includes a pelvic exam, and you will be given lots of information. The experience may be overwhelming to some. Even for women who came armed with questions, it can be hard to remember what you wanted to ask the doctor.

Some questions you may want to consider:
1. What diagnosis has been made? Do you understand what the diagnosis means?

2. If a diagnosis has not yet been made, what evaluation is being undertaken to determine the diagnosis? What tests are going to be performed and how will test results help make the diagnosis? For example, if a CT scan will be done, what is the doctor looking for?

3. If a diagnosis has been established, what are the options for treatment? Ask about both conservative and invasive options.

4. Pertaining to treatment options:

     *Are they temporary or permanent?
     *What are the success rates with each treatment?
     *What are the possible risks with each treatment?
     *How long is the recovery period and what is recovery like?                                                                                                                                 *What are the reasonable expectations from each treatment? (cure vs. improvement)

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