Mission: To use my experience, expertise, passion for education as well as the power and accessibility of the internet and social media to educate a wide audience of women about pelvic health. In doing so, I hope to fill the medical knowledge gap that exists between women and their physicians and improve the quality of life for women with pelvic floor disorders.

I hope that women seeking information on pelvic floor disorders will use this site and blog as a virtual conference room.  Information provided on this site is written for women without a medical background, and therefore, will not use a lot of medical jargon. However, I want to be sure to use some of the terms that will be used by the medical professionals when seeking care. Case in point, you probably haven’t heard the term pelvic floor disorders. You may have found this site instead by searching a symptom you are experiencing like urinary leakage, or a diagnosis your doctor has given you such as cystocele, rectocele or incontinence. “Pelvic floor disorders” is a term that refers to a collection of conditions (urinary leakage, fallen pelvic organs, fecal leakage, and sexual dysfunction) that affect healthy and vibrant women. Often these conditions may affect women during sports, exercise, pregnancy or after delivery. These are NOT conditions reserved for the old and ill.

Please see my blog “Ask the Pelvic Professor” where you can submit questions you would like answered and “My Virtual Conference Room” where I have revised lectures for a nonmedical audience. 

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