Simple Things to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

*Stay well hydrated with water, and urinate frequently. Bacteria gain access to our bladders frequently. Mechanical flushing of the bladder by urination is an important defense against those bacteria causing bladder infections.
*Avoid bowel irregularity, both constipation and diarrhea. Consider probiotics for improved bowel regularity.
*Consider cranberry supplements. Cranberry has some protective effects to prevent bladder infections, but it is difficult to drink enough cranberry juice to make a difference. Higher concentrations of cranberry can be obtained through cranberry supplements found where vitamins and supplements are sold.
*If you are postmenopausal and have atrophic (lacking estrogen) vaginal tissues, consider topical vaginal estrogen supplementation.

Myths About Urinary Tract Infections

*UTIs are common in women because they have a short urethra
*UTIs are due to your urethra being too tight or too small. (This is almost never true and urethral dilation is NOT a treatment for frequent UTIs).
*Because sex provokes your infections, your partner harbors bacteria that you keep getting. Actually, bacteria live everywhere and on all of us. The bacteria that cause an UTI usually come from our own bodies.
*Washing your vagina with antibacterial soap will prevent UTIs. Just the opposite, antibacterial soap is much too stringent for the delicate vaginal area. Wash with clean water and avoid any soap in or on the vagina.
*Although E. coli is the most common bacteria to cause an UTI, it is not due to eating food contaminated by E. coli.

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